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The Public Concert
The concert where you are the hero
  • “Having played music in the street, having looked for the sounds of the city, having roared mopeds and rung bells, having wanted to let people hear what I can hear in the city, having plunged the listeners into an acoustic bath, I now feel the desire to share my desire, to let people play to be heard, to rediscover the etymology of the word concert: to act in a common goal.

    So I start with the sounds of a thousand people gathered together, the public who, of its own volition, will produce a universe of incredible sounds, using their mouths and their bodies, a plastic bag from a supermarket, a balloon to blow up, a pan to hit, a telephone which rings.

    In this world where I can no longer hear the music – dead, omnipresent and tyrannical – it is this wonderful acoustic material – conducted, accompanied and blended – which nourishes my pleasure in letting all ears hear this extraordinary music which is most definitely alive and kicking."

    Pierre Sauvageot

    “Cacerolazos” from Argentina, concerts of pans or whistles, acoustic demonstrations; citizens use everyday noises to make their voices heard. This acoustic material, in its richness, its simplicity and its emotional power, is the very object of our creation. In this creation, everyone is a musician, there is no passive public. The conductors conduct a work “executed” by a thousand performers organised into sections.

  • Journey to the centre of the musical material
    Echoes, reverberations, loops, the sounds produced by the musician-listeners will immediately be blended, transformed and organised electro-acoustically in real time then rebroadcast in octophony, plunging the public into its own acoustic colours. Beyond the simple participation of the spectators, it is a question of sharing our pleasure in living the music, of immersing ourselves in the material and letting others discover the sensation of listening and the feeling of time so particular to musicians while they are performing.

    There is nothing more serious and more funny than bringing the public into concert
    First of all, it works; the public plays the game, becomes part of the orchestra and understands the gestures of the conductor unbelievably quickly. Moreover, the shared pleasure is extraordinary and the possibilities without limit. Our first public orchestras successfully confronted contemporary sounds, symphonic colours, tropical rhythms, technoid obsessions, pyrotechnical explosions…

    To the paradox of the Public Concert (what can we hear when we ourselves are playing? What do we think we hear, or what do we hear without hearing it? And where is the music in all this?), the precision of the composition, both musical and scenic, provides an answer. The concert is not a suite of pieces, but a construction similar to a symphony with its tuning, its prelude, its movements (adagio, largo, presto) and its finale. And all the elements of a show (the electro-acoustic processing, the scenography, the costumes, the staging, etc.), work together towards a common goal: to encourage people to listen.


On tour
  • Artistic Director: Pierre Sauvageot
    Conductors: Nadine Estève, Vincent Audat, Denis Cabacho 
    Sound Designer: Nicolas Cante
    Crew: Jany Jérémie, Valérie Bordedebat, Yendi Nammour…
    Producer: Hervé Bigey
    Music IT: Alexandre Pax

    A co-production between Allegro Barbaro and Lieux publics, Centre national de création pour l’espace public
    In collaboration with Le Théâtre du Maillon, scène nationale de Strasbourg and la Ferme de Font-Robert (Château-Arnoux).

    The Public Concert was performed for the entire duration of the Année des 13 Lunes and was presented at the “Vivacité” festival in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, the “Tombées de la Nuit” in Rennes, the “Accroches-Cœurs” in Angers, the 38th “Rugissants” in Grenoble and the “Fête des Lumières” in Lyon. Since its creation, the Public Concert has been performed more than one hundred times in France and abroad (Canada, Korea, Belgium, England, Austria, etc.) 

  • Created in 2002 by Pierre Sauvageot, Director of Lieux publics, the Public Concert exists thanks to the artistic team of Allegro Barbaro:
    - Vincent Audat, Denis Cabacho et Nadine Estève, conductors
    - Nicolas Cante, keyboards
    - Jany Jérémie, staging 

    Not forgetting the contribution of Serge de Laubier  composer, researcher and musician at the Puce Muse Studios.


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