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oXc [Odyssée]
urban and mediterranean opera
  • This is not a representation of the Odyssey but an exploration of language, voices, text, images, myths, poetry, instrumental colours, the sounds of the elements. So no Odysseus or Calypso, no Cyclops or Nausicaa, but a series of singular and unique protagonists who monologue, recite, suggest, comment, rub shoulders, each in a very specific form: song, pencil drawing, shadow, cat burglar, façade choir and crew.
With oXc, Pierre Sauvageot offers us a magical, acoustic and poetic interpretation of this work written more than 2,000 years ago, full of humour and surprisingly up-to-date.


Pierre Sauvageot [Artistic Director]

    Jean-François Goyet [libretto]

    Toni Casalonga [scenography and pencil drawing]

    Jany Jérémie [artistic advice and shadow]
Serge de Laubier [electro-acoustics]

  • Soloists:

    Dominique Fonfrède and Kristof Hiriart [octophone voices]

    Antoine Le Menestrel [cat burglar]

    Marianne Suner [choir leader]

    Nicolas Cante or Nadine Estève [keyboards/sampling]
Rafaëlle Rinaudo [harp]

    Crew: Valérie Bordedebat, Patrice Goubier, Yendi Nammour, Eric Saïdi.
With the participation of Pietro Citati.

    Technical Director: Pierre Andrac

    Producer: Laurent Dolques
Light creation: Pascale Bongiovanni

    Light production: Erika Sauerbronn
Sound engineer: Jean-François Thomelin

    Music IT specialist: Alexandre Pax

    Technical team: Jean-Christophe Cariou, Martine Warzee-Smith, Muriel Laborde, Serge Sconamiglio, Laurent Christofol, Manon Lauriol, Franck Gaudini

    Costumes: Christian Burle

    Construction/manufacture: Studios PuceMuse, ateliers Sud Side, Lieux publics

    Co-production between Lieux publics, centre national de création, and Les Tombées de la Nuit (Rennes)

    Co-production and residence aid La Paperie chez Jo Bithume (Angers)
With the support of the SACEM and the La Strada festival in Graz (Austria)


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