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Before exploring the musicality of a wind promenade, Pierre Sauvageot has enjoyed an eclectic musical career during which he has made the city into the libretto, the context and the pretext for his work.
Pierre Sauvageot's creations

A short biography

  • The beginnings

    After traditional secondary school studies (Montaigne and Louis-le-Grand high schools, Paris), Pierre Sauvageot dropped out of school in year 13 and, for reasons more political than artistic, created one of the very first street brass bands. During the 1970s, he joined the Théâtre de l'Aquarium, les Macloma and participated in the free-jazz movement of his trumpet teacher Bernard Vitet. At the beginning of the 1980s, he began his work in unoccupied areas with Sirène, a port concert in St-Nazaire, and then Faux-Vent in 1983, the first octophonic concert for sounds in movement, at the invitation of the newly created Lieux publics.

    Décor Sonore

    Pierre Sauvageot joinded Michel Risse in 1985 to found Décor sonore which was the basis for numerous creations:
    • 1989, Toussaint Louverture, which combines a symphonic orchestra, the drums of Doudou N'Daye Rose, the chorus of Julien Jouga and voices of Toto Bissainthe. At this occasion, Pierre Sauvageot wrote the scenario with Jean-Louis Sagot-Duvauroux.
    • 1990, Mechanical ballet for helicopters, rail convoys, cranes, ferris wheel, acrobats, sound individuals and pyrotechnics, that is to say around thirty sound sources in motion.
    • 1992, Grand Mix brought together the Tambours du Bronx, Bulgarian voices and Philharmonic orchestra.
    • 1994, conception of Des Corps Sonores, which led to the creation of the "Cinematophone ", an electronic fanfare, in collaboration with the Oposito companie.
    • From 1997 to 1999, running of the final representation of Transhumance, an Oposito creation, in collaboration with the companies MétaloVoice, Bagad Brieg and several symphonic orchestras.
    • 1998, Petite Bande Passante, an urban megaphone octet.
    • July 2000, SIVOX, co-creation of the Pronomades event in Saint-Gaudens.

    Pierre Sauvageot in Marseilles

    In 1997 Pierre Sauvageot created Allegro Barbaro in the frame of the Parcours d’Artistes event produced by Lieux publics. This  "Symphonic City Orchestra ", combining traditional instruments and urban sound objects (horns and noisemakers, broken bottles…), is formed by around 100 musiciens and 5 conductors reinventing the partition by their sign language and making public squares, waste land and market places resound.

    In 1999 Allegro Barbaro presented, in collaboration with Lieux publics, Concertomnibus in 8 sites of Marseilles : duo with passenger ship, crash in a car park, beach concert in Corbières, train sounds in the trailway station St Charles. Then he participated to Massalia in commemoration to the 2600th birthday of the city of Marseilles.

    July 2000, creation of Orchestre de Chambre de Ville presented in Saint-Gaudens and Chalon-dans-la-Rue Festival.

  • Lieux publics

    In 2001, Pierre Sauvageot was appointed director of Lieux publics, centre national de création, but always pursuing his creations, giving a personal trademark to the projects of the national center : playing with the sounds of the city in the frame of Sirènes et Midi Net, event created in 2003 which presents a companie playing with the urban siren sign each month on Wednesday, or in the frame of the poetic and chronological event Année des 13 Lunes on each day of full moon…

    In 2002, he created  The Public Concert. This uncommon artwork, performed by the spectators themselves, transforming the public into an orchestra conduced by 4 conductors, is still present on international festivals. It has already be performed aboud sixty times.

    In 2003, 13’ pour coucher la Lune, pyrotechnical final by Groupe F, closured Année des 13 Lunes in Marseilles.

    Pierre Sauvageot went on working as composer in collaboration with the choreographer Jany Jérémie : J’voudrais être blanche (2004), Parade (2005), Kiosque nègre (2006).

    In 2005 Pierre Sauvageot presented two ephemeral creations, Sirenade in the port of Marseilles and Babel Platz, symphony for 152 windows in Graz (Austria).

    In september 2006, he created the urban and mediterranean oXc (Odyssée) opera. In the frame of this work Pierre Sauvageot calls upon a few singular soloists to renew the Homeric mythology on a public square able to habor 5000 persons. OXc has been presented in noumerous cities of France (Angers, Ales, Châlon-sur-saône, Marseille, Calais, Lyon, Rennes, Villeurbanne, Draguignon, Clermont en Genevois) and in the city of Salamanque (Spain).

    In 2010, Pierre Sauvageot inaugurated a new phase in his work with Harmonic Fields: a symphonic march for 500 wind instruments and a moving audience. An installation work at the heart of nature bringing to mind the principles of land art, Harmonic Fields continues the composer’s approach through a musical experimentation with the noices of the world surrounding us, in this case outside of the city – a meeting of instruments and wind, a genuine visual composition in collaboration with Jany Jérémie and Toni Casalonga.